The main activity of Banes, spol. s r.o. is custom manufacturing of rotating parts in larger batches by turning on turret and CNC long-turning machines. The company is equipped with a technology for production of precision rotating parts from bars with diameters from 2 to 60 mm with the possibility of eccentric drilling and milling, threading in IT6 or higher accuracy.

Technology BANES spol. s r.o.Most used types of bars:

  • free-cutting steel
  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • bronze
  • copper
  • brass
  • aluminium
  • plastic and other

The focus is on CNC turning from free-cutting steel with a diameter from 2 to 32 mm.

The serial production volume is from 5000 to 500 000 pcs / year for sleeve-shaped parts and from 10 000 to 1 000 000 pcs of one position for shaft-shaped parts. The serial production volume for machining parts with diameters from 33 to 60 mm is approximately 1 000 - 100 000 pcs / year.


Production technology

The company puts emphasis on a high quality and a professional level of machinery and focuses on Japanese CNC turning machines with a high productivity and a precise machining.

CNC machine tools number
  • long-turning double spindle seven-axis machines
STAR CNC lathe up to Ø 38 mm 1
STAR CNC lathe up to Ø 32 mm 7
STAR CNC lathe up to Ø 20 mm 44
CITIZEN CNC lathes up to Ø 32 mm 5
CITIZEN CNC lathes up to Ø 20 mm 9
GOODWAY CNC lathes up to Ø 20 mm 3
  • single spindle two, three and four-axis machines
GOODWAY CNC lathe up to Ø 60 mm 13
DAEWOO CNC lathe up to Ø 48 mm 2
  • four-axis vertical milling center
Cam machine tools
  • single spindle long-turning machines
TRAUB TORNOS up to Ø 10 mm 28
Finishing machine tools
  • Cutting
CITIZEN CINCOM OCEAN GN3200W (hard turning) 2
Double spindle semi-automatic finishing lathe 3
Milling cutters, finishing lathes, drills, surface grinders... 30
  • Grinding
Centerless grinder 2
NC grinder for recess grinding (between spikes) 1
Grinder for recess grinding (between spikes) 1
  • Thread rolling
Thread rolling machine RWT 20X CNC/AC sym (for bar lenght of 3m) 1
Thread rolling machine RWT 12X 1
Thread rolling machine other 2
  • Broaching
CNC broaching machine with automatic cycle CHI-050C 1
Broaching machine (manual operation) 1

Non-production technology

Measuring devices number
Mitutoyo contour measuring system 1
Altimeter Tessa 2D Micro-hite 600 4
Mitutoyo digital microscope + a unit processing data in 2D 1
Mitutoyo microscope 3
Three-point internal micrometers 6–40 mm
Laboratory Surface roughness tester Mitutoyo SJ-500 1
Surface roughness tester Mitutoyo Ra, Rz, Rq, Ry 3
KEYENCE  digital profile projector 2
Robotic workstation for 100% measuring control (fitted with KEYENCE high-speed measuring system and hexa-axial UR5 and FANUC robot) 3
Fully automatic DUROMETER with optical zoom - KB 30 S (made by KB Prüftechnik) 1

Top product quality also means cleanliness of the components themselves. All products pass through the CNC cleaner where the absolute cleanliness of the components is achieved by using ultrasound and perchlor vapour. It is an ecological way of cleaning with a closed circuit and no emissions.

Purity of components
CNC ultrasound HÖSEL washer (with optional conservation of washed components) 1
CNC ultrasound ILSA washer 1


The list of our company suppliers includes carefully selected contractors for specialized operations using other production technologies. Normally provided cooperation:

  • heat treatment
  • surface finishing - electroplating, phosphating, blacking, DELTA system, lacquering, etc.
  • welding
CNC obrábění CNC Soustružení výrobce přesných rotačních dílů přesná strojírenská výroba obrábění na zakázku
STAR Swiss Type CNC Lathe
STAR CNC lathing centers
STAR CNC lathing center
Swiss Type CNC Lathe
STAR Swiss Type CNC Lathe
soustružení na zakázku obrábění rotačních dílů soustružení rotačních dílů přesná výroba rotačních dílů CNC soustružnické automaty
Line of CNC STAR automats
STAR Swiss Type Lathe
Machining of turned components
Lathing of turned components
Camshaft TRAUB automats
CNC víceosé dlouhotočné automaty vačkové automaty CNC machine tools, Cam machine tools, Measuring devices CNC machine tools, Cam machine tools, Measuring devices CNC machine tools, Cam machine tools, Measuring devices
CNC single-spindle multi-axial automats
CNC lathing
Manufacture of precision turned components
Customized lathing
High-precision machine production
CNC machine tools, Cam machine tools, Measuring devices CNC machine tools, Cam machine tools, Measuring devices CNC machine tools, Cam machine tools, Measuring devices
CNC machining
CNC ultrasound HÖSEL washer
CNC ultrasound ILSA washer

CNC machine tools, Cam machine tools, Measuring devices