BANES spol. s r.o.
CNC rotary machining and lathe-turning of precision components

Company Profile

Banes s.r.o. Banes, spol. s r.o. - precision engineering, manufacturer of precision rotating components.

The company was established in January 1993 as an engineering company engaged in custom machining mostly on automatic lathes. In 1994 we have expanded the firm's mechanical assembly work in mass production.

The foundation of two divisions has thus been laid – the machining division and the assembly division.

The machining division is engaged in manufacture of precision rotating parts. About 150 employees work here in a two shift (and an unmanned three shift) operation.

The assembly division is concerned with the assembly in mass production, assembly of mainly fine mechanics, angular joints and other subassemblies. This division also operates approximately 40 employees.

This organizational structure enables us to offer customers products with greater added value. The advantage of the company is reliability and focusing on a quality of work which are together with productivity the main criteria in the manufacture. Banes, spol. s r.o. - precision engineering, manufacturer of precision rotating componentsThanks to these aspects the company is able to offer its customers a high quality and low prices.

In cooperation with our customers we prefer long-term partnerships in which we have achieved the role of a strategic supplier of machined rotating components.

Our newly built, spacious production premises and positive approach to investment facilitate the company’s flexibility and capacity for customized production. The company currently operates in two own production plants.

Our Production Facilities

The Na Pískách Plant

The Na Pískách Plant

This production plant, owned by the company, takes up approximately one hectare of land. Launched into full production in September 2015, it consists primarily of a production hall, an administration building, and the necessary infrastructure.

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The Rašínova Plant

The Rašínova Plant

This production hall measuring 3,500 m² has been the company’s main domicile since 2002. At the present, it contains single-spindle CNC GOODWAY automats, camshaft machining automats, a TOPPER milling machines, and finishing machines.

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